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Bizarre - and not in a good way. Well, if you do, be sure never to watch this, because it will spoil those memories forever. And what a doozy his top-placer is, with a starring role for Tara Reid not a good sign since the first American Piea monster-in-a-museum idea we've seen a million times and a plot that defies the laws of nature as well as pornstar big tie films, filled with non-sequiturs and barely explained events. This is a valuable reminder of why, for a movie director, Michael Winner makes such a good restaurant critic. Three villains might've been a good thing had they not trampled all over each lese i sin helhet screentime and narrative coherence. Friedberg and Seltzer, the talentless hacks behind a string of godawful spoofs, turn their sights on a genre, but with their usual scattershot aim end up hitting innocent bystanders in their quest to fill 90 minutes without using a single original line of dialogue or funny gag.

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Teanna Trump probably had the second longest lines in the show in that I was only able to photograph her on the quieter Sunday. The result was a messy end for Christopher Reeve's much-loved Superman. Why it's on the list You will find no greater Equilibrium fans than the Empire team, so we had high hopes for Ultraviolet. If you were around in the 1990s you may remember Green as the anarchic host of his self-titled MTV. Still, there's an exuberance and ambition to it that most of the films here can only dream of. What the critics said "The cinematic equivalent of a tapeworm, this delivers few laughs beyond the initial chuckles of recognition. If things carry on like this, we can look forward to Speed 3 taking place on the back of a pony.

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Some actors dabbled in the more adult side of the movie industry as pizza delivery guys/bored housewives before making the big time.

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